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My Birth Philosophy as a Doula

Rene Lefevre Ann Arbor Birth DoulaWomen’s bodies are incredible and capable, strong, wise and resilient. Childbearing is difficult work. A labor of love. It requires nurturing, networking, resources, knowledge, support, encouragement and love. Birth is a normal process that is unique to each mother and baby. Every women deserves to feel supported, safe, heard, loved and respected. I am fascinated by the diversity in birth and our body’s adaptability.

My goal as your doula is to help you stay calm, strong and focused during labor and birth, which is a privilege and honor to participate in.

A Doula is there for you physically, emotionally and energetically. She will help you prepare prenatally by discussing nutrition, exercise and education. She helps you build your confidence to labor efficiently. She encourages you to define your space and holds it for you. She maintains a calm, respectful environment for you with soft voice, dim lighting, movement, massage and counter pressure. She fosters and respects you and your partner support for each other. She shows your partner all the right places to press on your hands, feet and back. She remains relaxed and focused on your comfort and coping. She encourages you to listen to the wisdom in your body. She helps you stay present in the moment. She encourages you to ask questions. She reminds you of your preferences and goals. She coaches you, guides you, listens to you and your partner.

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A little bit about Rene

I grew up dancing and always aware of my body and in awe of the power it contained. Dreaming of being a mother for as long as I can remember; caring for people is a passion of mine. As a young girl I was always mom’s little helper. I was introduced to doula work when I became an aunt and wanted nothing more than to build more community around childbirth. With children around the phrase ‘it takes a village’ seems to bear more weight and truth and this lesson continually reiterates itself to me, which is fabulous.

In addition to my passion for pregnancy and birth I enjoy anything that allows me time outdoors. Hiking, gardening, taking walks, running, snowshoeing, skiing, sledding, flying kites, reading under a tree, swinging in a hammock, boating, kayaking, swimming, water skiing, you name it and if I have not tried it, I am always ready for another adventure. Family, nature and community keep me grounded. Let us expand our communities together.

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“Whenever and however you intend to give birth, your experience will impact your emotions, your mind, your body and your spirit for the rest of your life.” – Ina May Gaskin

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