You thought you would just give birth and then figure out this breastfeeding thing without a hitch, right? After all, mom did it for all 5 kids….your sister had success. Your friends are all breastfeeding and loving it. But jumping into breastfeeding with both feet and not having any glitches…welllll….not quite.
For starters, baby couldn’t quite get the latch thing down. This resulted in you having sore nipples and perhaps a little cracking and bleeding. You read this is normal and found yourself some nipple cream called Lansinoh at the local Target for under $8. Hooray! Then there was the little bit of a weight-loss issue that you had a small panic about. Fortunately, your pediatrician was patient and helpful. Then, baby started this night time cluster feeding thing…sleep beautiful sleep, how I miss you….Eventually, you found a few helpful resources that have finally made breastfeeding a success….bumps along the way included! Your first call was to The Breastfeeding Center of Ann Arbor. Barbara Robertson was able to come to the house and help work through some of the issues with latch and positioning with us….and from there good old fashioned time and patience did the rest of the work. There are lots of amazing lactation consultants to choose from in the Ann Arbor community, you just connected with the first one on the list! The thing that has really saved the whole process has been your really good quality breast pump. Here is the low-down on where to find some of those highly beneficial goodies:

1. Indigo Forest. Run by a homebirth midwife named Beth Bailey Barbeau. This store has all things related to birth and beyond. Specifically you can either purchase or rent Medella breast pumps. 734-994-8010 or 734-807-9909

2. Med-Equip 734-971-0975. Sells Purely Yours-personal pumps. Rents Ameda Egnell pumps for around $53/month.

3. The Breastfeeding Center of Ann Arbor. IBCLC group. Does lactation consultations and rents/sells Medella products.734-975-6534

4. Kathy Malone, IBCLC. Also rents/sells Medella products. Serves both Washtenaw County and Brighton. 810-229-3328

5. Advanced Medical Solutions-Located up in Brighton, if you don’t mind the drive. Found right inside the St Joseph Mercy Livingston Hospital next to the ER in the medical building. 7575 Grand River Ave. Rents and sells Medella products as well as the Ameda Purely Yours.

These 5 resources have all been confirmed as active and taking new clients at this time. We at Ann Arbor Doulas encourage you to reach out for help when you’re breastfeeding-or even when you’re not. It absolutely takes a village!

Also visit La Leche League for more information on breast feeding and other local community meetings.

P.S. Most group insurances (like BCBS, BCN, BCN Premier Care, Cofinity and many more) will now cover the purchase of a medical grade breast pump if you get a prescription after delivery and take the Rx to one of the above pharmacies. Yes, that means a free or nearly free pump!

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