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Congratulations! I am so happy you are joining the Mom club and I hope you have a wonderful experience and a beautiful, healthy baby!  My own birth experience included a birth doula - you could not be making a better choice for support during your childbearing year and birth!

I am a happily married mother of 3 - an adventure I always knew I wanted, but due to health issues, wasn't sure I would achieve.  I was lucky enough to have my first son despite several medical challenges.  After making some changes to my health, I had a much more positive experience with both the birth of a 2nd son and a daughter - all of us healthy.

Breastfeeding was a wonderful experience for me.  I love to help women commune with baby and feel supported postpartum.  The most important thing is for you and your partner to have the time to connect with each other and baby.  I have aided with "let down", given foot massages, cooked and cleaned up - even been the "gate keeper" if asked to make sure boundaries are honored.  Everyone is so excited by new babies!

Let’s talk about ways I can support you!


Because of my experiences, BS in Biology, medical background and MS in Acupuncture, I have found a way to combine the Western medical experience with ancient Eastern philosophies.  I have always been interested in women's health, focusing on the topic in grad school. When I got the call to become a Doula, it felt like a wonderful way to help women be supported during an extremely important time in their lives - support that would help families and last a lifetime.

I am DONA trained and have experience with hospital births including many high risk medical issues.  Sometimes all you need is a hand and an ear to help you work through the information given during your birthing experience so that your birth plan may be followed.

This is a special time for you.  I would love to help you on your journey!