Are you a passionate new or inexperienced doula in the Ann Arbor/Metro Detroit area and are not sure how to get your business up and running? Have you finished your doula training but are having trouble with things like valuing your services, networking, finances, and creating client contracts? Are you having difficulty attracting clients? I have been where you are! I needed mentoring early in my doula career and it was invaluable!

My name is Stephanie Julian and I am the owner of Ann Arbor Doulas. I have built a thriving and busy birth and postpartum agency in the Ann Arbor and Metro Detroit areas. My goal is to mentor newer doulas by offering insight, support, and guidance as they navigate their journey to becoming knowledgable, skilled, and independent birth workers in the community.


  • Working with an EXPERIENCED doula mentor.
  • Biography on the Ann Arbor Doulas WEBSITE.
  • Access to our library of EVIDENCE based resources.
  • Opportunity to interview with potential CLIENTS.
  • Mentor text/phone SUPPORT during attendance at births or postpartum shifts.
  • Opportunity for EARNINGS while also learning.
  • Letter of completion/RECOMMENDATION
  • Possibility of continuing to work with ANN ARBOR DOULAS after completion.


  • Learn how to attract clients, schedule initial consultations, and get HIRED!
  • Learn how to create a POSITIVE doula/client relationship.
  • Learn how to conduct prenatal and postpartum MEETINGS.
  • Learn how to manage client contracts and FINANCES.
  • Learn how to PROFESSIONALLY work with a client, their partner, and their care providers.
  • Learn labor, birth, and postpartum support best practices/WHEN TO GO?
  • Learn work/life BALANCE and building your backup system.


$750 (or three monthly payments of $260)

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"Stephanie was patient and knowledgeable when she helped create my birth plan, and she was the total hero in the hospital when my 28+ hour labor ended in a cesarean.  She kept my husband as calm as she could and was quick to remind us of our options. She totally went above and beyond."

- Michelle Itkin-Metzger

"Whenever and however you intend to give birth, your experience will impact your emotions, your mind, your body and your spirit for the rest of your life."

- Ina May Gaskin