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Many women believe that there is one story to be told when it comes to pregnancy, but, in truth, each and every birth and postpartum period is unique.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me; I am so happy you're here! You are exactly where you need to be at this very moment. Understand that every decision you have ever made has led you here and for this very reason I am grateful and so excited for you.

I chose to become a doula with the hope to help families find empowerment through support and encouragement on this courageous and beautiful journey.

As your doula, the most rewarding aspect of our partnership will be to witness your strength and personal growth in your special and unique experience. You have made the right decision to add a doula to your support system. I look forward to our time together.

When we meet for the first time, my top priority will be to learn about your individual needs, and how you envision your birth and postpartum experience. Together, I hope to answer any questions you have with evidence based information, calm any fears or anxieties you have by teaching you relaxation strategies, and provide you support - whatever that may look like - when you are most vulnerable.

Thank you and blessings to you and your family.


I have been doing postpartum doula work since I was in high school - I just didn't know that's what it was called! I have always had a passion for newborns, mothers, and families. I am the oldest of eight grandchildren that all were born, raised, and still live within a 20 minute drive in Southeastern Michigan. My role in our family has always been as a babysitter/caregiver. As a young person my brother and cousins were "my" babies. Recently, I was able to support my first “baby” with her own baby!! Throughout my high school and college years, I worked as a "newborn nanny" for a diverse set of families including those with multiples and those who had adopted. In addition, my two best friends both became pregnant soon after high school graduation. I studied up, attended prenatal courses with them, and acted as a "birth and postpartum coach" for them both, at the age of 19. I quickly became the go-to for pregnancy, birth, and baby support for friends and family.


My first degree is in high school Science Education, primarily Biology and Chemistry. Upon graduation from Eastern Michigan University, I moved to southern Arizona to start my first teaching job. There I was challenged with many tough situations - most influential was the number of young mothers I taught who had very little support simply due to poverty, illegal immigrant status, and Native American oppression. I wanted to make a difference in these young families' lives, but knew I couldn't do it well while teaching full time. After 5 years working there, I had this incomplete feeling in my gut but the same passion for families of newborns. I didn't understand how important my "newborn nanny" and "birth coach" experiences were until I realized that I had held a baby every day of my life before starting my teaching career and had not held one since starting. I decided to move home, take DONA International doula training, and attend graduate school at the University of Michigan for Public Health focused on Global Maternal Child Health. I finished two internships while there. The first was with an amazing lactation simulator development company (wearable lifecast breasts model used to teach residents/nurses/etc how to assist mamas with cool!) where I was provided an in-depth lactation and breast biology education (that most nurses and lactation consultants don't even receive). The second internship was working as a pregnancy consultant in the only clinic that serves uninsured refugees in Tel Aviv, Israel. There I was able to evaluate the pregnant population, develop and teach a prenatal health curriculum for the mamas, and set up a sustainable infrastructure for future courses. I completed my Master’s in April 2020, right as the COVID 19 pandemic hit. I decided to root into my community instead of starting a pandemic related public health job that could take me away from home and would not be focused on new families. I bought our local General Store and live down the road from my parents farm 🙂 This allows me to keep supporting families during this challenging time to be pregnant and giving birth! Now is the time for advocacy and empowerment!

These experiences have strengthened my passion, and widened my knowledge and skill base as a doula, leading me to complete my certification as a birth doula and postpartum doula through Lifespan Doulas. I am renewed in enthusiasm and eager to continue on this beautiful journey. 

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"We can honestly say that we couldn’t be more satisfied with Brittany’s assistance. Her dedication and support left such a profound impact on us that we will undoubtedly seek her services again should we have another child."

- Leydy and Juan, 2023

"She helped me understand the choices that I could make about my childbirth experience—not just the choices I would be offered, but also the “standard care” interventions that are actually moments of choice as well."

- Jennifer, 2023

"We absolutely loved working with Brittany as our Doula! As a new mom I really needed support in learning how to soothe and comfort my baby, read his cues, develop a schedule and tweak my breastfeeding. Brittany did just that for us and so much more! Most importantly she empowered me as a Mom to take care of my son and learn what I needed to feel like I could do a great job. I developed skills around comforting, bathing, scheduling, reading cues that I use every day. She also helped us with ideas for connecting my older stepson (8 years old) to his new baby brother, help us work out bottle feeding, and even setting up my cloth diaper system! The confidence I have in myself now as a new Mom is very much a gift I received from her education and thoughtful, kind insights. I am forever grateful for her support as a Doula!"

- February, 2020