Birth Photography Services

HANNA RUSSO, BIRTH PHOTOGRAPHER,  Ann Arbor Doulas   | | (734) 800-1854

Ann Arbor Doulas is pleased to offer birth photography services, provided by Hanna Russo!


Birth only: $2,200

Maternity session: $350 (outdoors normally)

Fresh 48 in home lifestyle session: $350

*Discounts offered for multiple pacakges


Question & Answer with Hanna:

Am I allowed at hospitals due to covid?

I am also a birth doula, and therefore almost always allowed during labor. Please check with your hospital as their policies change, but I can generally come as a doula/photographer. If you want to add on my doula services there is an additional fee for that.

How does being “on call” work? When do I come to your birth?

Being on call means that I am no more than two hours away from you starting at 37 weeks of your pregnancy. It means that I drop whatever I am doing and come to your birth when you need me. I ask that you give me three hours to get there from the time you text me to come. Generally its only 1-1.5 hours and sometimes less. I love to be in touch as labor is progressing!

How long do I stay at births?

I try to stay a few hours postpartum to get some baby pictures, nursing, bonding, and the like.

Do I have a back up?

Yes, if it looks like I will not be able to attend due to sickness or another birth, I will send a back up photographer to your birth.

How does booking work?

All booking and fees go through Stephanie at Ann Arbor doulas. Fill out the contact information form and she will respond to you right away.

What happens if baby comes fast and I miss the birth?

I do my best to get there but sometimes babies come fast! In the event I miss the birth due to my delay (I take more than three hours to get there), I will refund you minus the deposit, and do a free fresh 48/family shoot. If I miss it due to baby just coming fast, I do not offer a refund, but would do a fresh 48 or family session.

How many photos do you get?

It depends on many factors related to your birth, but I try to get a minimum of 100 photos of your journey!

If it is really dark how do you get photos? Do you use a flash?

I normally bring tea light candles, and suggest some light, or turn on lights in other rooms to help get better shots. I try not to use a flash, and if you think it will bother you please let me know!

Types of pictures I will capture?

What type of pictures do you want? This is individualized and I will have a conversation with you about your preferences. I normally try to capture the story of your baby's entrance into the world, as it unfolds. I can do more of certain angles to keep things more PG/PG13. Whatever you want, but I try not to do posed shots.

What happens if there is a transfer from a homebirth or a C-section?

In the case of a homebirth transfer it is up to you what two support people you want going with you. If it is not me, then I will offer a fresh 48 or family session to make up for the missed birth photos. For an emergency C-section, generally I will not be allowed in the operating room. If it is not an emergency, advocating for me to be there is an option, but it does not always work- so fresh 48 or family session. I can also send in my camera with your partner or see if a nurse can take photos. Then I will do my best to edit them!

“Whenever and however you intend to give birth, your experience will impact your emotions, your mind, your body and your spirit for the rest of your life.”

– Ina May Gaskin