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Hello and Congratulations!

My name is Amy Louise Esper. I'm married to my husband Greg and have seven children ranging in age from 24 to 12 years old.

Becoming a doula started very naturally with me. The delivery of my first child was frightening and uncompassionate. Luckily, the following six births and a very attentive husband gave me a strong confident foundation that has lasted a lifetime! Unfortunately, Greg and I have also had five miscarriages, which sorrowfully, you may also have experienced. Though never expected, these experiences also have kept me sensitive to the gravity and heartbreak that can also accompany pregnancy. This is why I am resolved to do everything I can to promote the best and healthiest outcomes possible.

In 2012, I began volunteering with an outreach group in Detroit helping women with unexpected pregnancies. As I drove more and more women to their doctor's appointments, I was often invited to join them at their doctor's visits. I was struck by the rude way some health workers treated these vulnerable women and quickly learned to advocate for moms by listening to them and helping them communicate with the staff. These visits led to invitations to be in the delivery room. The first time I joined a mom in the labor and delivery room was for a beautiful young lady of 14 years.  The nurse asked if I was a doula, a word I’d previously never heard. Needless to say, that’s the day I finally found the career for which I’d been searching and have been serving this way ever since.

In 2017 I registered for doula training at the Center for the Childbearing Year in Ann Arbor.  I’m very proud to have completed DONA training and hold certificates in Labor Doula, Postpartum Doula, and Breastfeeding. It’s an honor and joy to offer my personal and professional experience to pregnant and postpartum mothers at Ann Arbor Doulas.

If I can come alongside you during your journey into motherhood, I will use my heart, hands, skills, and experience to help you make this transformation easier, faster, less complicated, more empowering, and as comfortable as possible.

Blessings on all your many efforts ahead,

Amy Louise Esper